[-$-$-$-] | < > is necessary & [ ] is optional


Template to buy: %buy<option> [addition] Example: %buyColor #123456"Color" is the option and "#123456" the addition info template: %<option>info Example: %kokoroinfo > "kokoro" is the option here ➥ Will give you information about the option (can be a perk)


This command is a simple minigame based on a slot machine.
You win by getting 3 equal slots in one turn
The winner's prize is an amount between 1 and 30 Coins which is chosen completely randomly, the slots are randomized with 7 girls per slot of which each slot is randomized individually. Every user has a number of slots left to be used, you can check it with %uinfo [@user], you can use %daily once per day to get a random amount of slots between 25 and 50 added to your stash. when you use up all your slots you get the message that you will get your 15 slots added after a 30 min cooldown, please note that if we update the bot this timer will be stopped and you will need to activate it again by using the %slots command again, if your cooldown was successful the bot will ping you to tell you you've got your 15 extra slots. tip: the Kokoro perk from the %shop gives you 100 extra slots!

Slots UI options

Use %toggle slots to switch between the old and new UI
New slots UI - Slower but fancyer
Old slots UI - Faster but less fancy
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