The fun commands | < > is necessary & [ ] is optional

Watch command

Sends you the specified episode of the Darling in the Franxx series template: %watch <dub/sub> <Episode number>
Options: • dub = Dubbed > English voice over • sub = Subtitled > English subtitles Episode numbers: from 1 to 24 ➥ Example usage: %watch dub 1

List commands

Extra info


Commands from %list can be considered as SFW
Darling in the Franxx %ZeroOne - random Zero One %ZeroTwo - random Zero Two
Anime %neko - random Neko's %duo - random duo's %ani - random Anime Girls

%nsfwlist (18+)

The following commands won't work in non NSFW channels and aren't meant to be used by users below the age of 18! H-Anime (NSFW) %lewd - random lewd's %hentai - random H-Anime nsfw %titfuck - random H tit fuck %mas - random Mastrubation (girl) %ass - random Lewd ass %titty - random titty's %hduo - random lewd duo's %cum - random H Cum %hneko - random Hentai Neko's %hgif - random Hentai Gif's Real NSFW (NSFW) %red - random Red Head's %solo - random Solo Girls %face - random hot faces %nude - random Nude Girls %mis - random Missionary pos %Rass - random Real Ass %doggy - random Doggy pos %tits - random Tits %BelleDelphine - random Belle Delphine %tease - random Tease %xgif - random NSFW Gif's

Rolls Explained

The process of using these list commands is referred to as "Rolls", this is because you are getting a random image from the Database which is like rolling a dice.

Leveling System

Rolls can be used for leveling, each time you roll the same image from the same type in a row you will Level up by 1 level. User levels are stored locally which means it's per server. The Users "Roll count" is stored Globally (not server bound) • You can view your user stats with %uinfo